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First person to go into space

Friends today we will learn about the person who went into space for the first time. We will also discuss about the time and name of space program he was part of.
first person to go into space Yuri Gagrin
Yuri Gagrin
So friends first person to go into space is cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Cosmonaut and astronaut are similar roles it is just that Russian astronauts call themselves cosmonauts. So Yuri Gagrin was from Russia.Yuri Gagrin became the first person to go to outer space when his spacecraft on 12 April 1961 completed 1 orbit of Earth.The mission / program name was Vostok 1. This Vostok 1 was only used once for space mission though it was kept as backup of Soyuz Program. There had been many space mission of Russia by name Soyuz. Do you remember Soyuz program(1984) of ISRO and Russia in which Rakesh Sharma went to space and became first Indian to go into space.
So first person in world to go into outer space is Yuri Gagrin and first person in India to go into outer space is Rakesh Sharma.
Yuri Gagarin was a pilot by profession other than cosmonaut. When he came out of mission, he became a celebrity and was awarded the highest award of Russia called Hero of Soviet Union.Gagarin was born on March 9 1934. Just at the age 34 on March 27 1968, He died in a MIG 15 aircraft crash accident. In just 34 years, He joined Soviet Airforce and then went up to senior Lieutenant post and did this space mission and many more other things. 
So in this article we have answered all of these questions: Who first went to the space?, Who was the first man to go into space? When did Yuri Gagarin go to space? What was the first manned space flight? For all of these question you can refer this article.

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