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DSSSB TGT Computer Science Question paper - General Awareness 2017 Post code: 192/14

Solution of DSSSB TGT Computer Science Question paper - General Awareness 2017 Post code: 192/14

This exam was held on 21 May 2017. So here we present the answer key of DSSSB TGT Computer science paper of general awareness section.
Following questions were asked:
Question 14 Which constitutional Writ is issued by the Supreme Court or High court directing a public authority to perform some specific action?
A) Habeas Corpus
B) Mandamus
C) Certiorari
D) Quo Warranto
Answer: Mandamus

Question 15 Which among the following is a famous Indian sculptor?
A) Jamini Roy
B) Satish Gujral
C) Khushwant Singh
D) All of the above
Answer: Satish Gujral

Question 16 Certain events of the eastern coast of South America can affect the Indian Monsoon. What is the event called which can increase the Monsoon intensity in India?
A) Trade oscillation
B) Humboldt current
C) El Nino
D) La Nina
Answer: El Nino

Question 17 During the war of independence in 1857, the British beseiged the fortified city of Delhi. In September 1857, they blew up one of the city gates and entered Delhi. Which gate was it?
A) Lahori Gate
B) Kashmere Gate
C) Turkman Gate
D) Delhi Gate
Answer: Kashmere Gate

Question 18 Which fuel is used in a 'Fast Breeder Reactor'?
A) Uranium - 235
B) Plutonium
C) Thorium
D) Radium
Answer: Thorium

Question 19 Which Sector contributes the most to savings in the Indian Economy?
A) Households
B) Corporates
C) State Governments
D) Central Government
Answer: Households

Question 20 Which agency is mainly responsible for formulating fiscal policy in India?
A) Niti Ayog
C) Ministry of Finance
D) Parliament 
Answer: Ministry of Finance

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