Saturday, 7 July 2018

Why are there prime ministers and chief ministers now

Why are there prime ministers and chief ministers now instead of kings why can't still there be kings instead of them?
Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers are part of a well designed federal democratic structural organisation. This system is well designed to accommodate all person into the system with honor through a process.
While countries that have kings mostly follow Monarchism. Son or daughter of King or someone that belongs to them takes the chair from predecessor. There is no control in the hands of public that belongs to that land. 
So our democratic election system has a flexibility to take a common man to a top post which is not that easily available in countries having kings. We as India is a democratic country where every five years we can change the whole controlling body to a totally new group of people. So it is far better in welfare of public. This is our view. If you have some other view than please leave few lines in comment section.
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